Memorize Numbers Easily

Today, let’s impress your friends at parties by memorizing the serial number on their money.  I’m not saying you should make a bet with them that you can do it, but by the end of this article you will want to and yes, the bet is you get to keep the money!  

The first secret is to assign numbers to a correlating picture that is instantly associated with you and the number.  For instance, 1-20:

1.   Pencil                                                      11.  Goal Post

2.   Duck                                                        12.  Eggs

3.  Stool                                                         13.  Witch

4.  Car                                                            14.  Ring

5.  Star                                                           15.  Quinceanera

6.  Dead                                                        16.  Candy

7.  Four Leaf Clover                                   17.  Magazine

8.  Clint Dempsey                                       18.  Golf Clubs

9.  Cat                                                            19.  Beer

10.  Bowling Ball                                         20.  Fingers & Toes


Now, this is my list for numbers 1-20 because I can instantly associate the numbers with my pictures in my head.  You may be able to recognize some of the correlations.  For example, a cat has 9 lives.  A 14 carat ring.  There are 18 holes in golf.  And, there is a lot of drinking done at “the 19th hole” at the golf course. You will need to create your own list.  You can use some of the same correlations as long as you can instantly recognize the numbers in your mind.

Once the number list is complete.  Do the same thing with 26 letters in the alphabet:  A = Apple, B = Bee, D = Dog, Z = Zebra.  You get the idea.  Once you have your list for the alphabet done, you will need to memorize a map of your house.

Basically, mentally stand in the doorway of each room in your house and memorize 5 items in that particular room from left to right.  For instance, a desk, a table, a dresser, a bed and an armoire.  Once you have committed these 3 separate lists to memory, you will be amazed at how easy your mind can store and recall a sequence of numbers, like serial numbers on bills.  We call this house list the memory palace.  It’s in this palace you can store everything!  Now, let’s put this into action.

Let’s memorize a serial number on a dollar bill:  IH 1182916 G

First, go to your alphabet list. “I” for me is igloo and “H” for me is Hat.  So, in my mind, I place an igloo on the first item in my memory palace which is my desk, then a place a big hat on the table.  Then, the next thing to memorize is “11.”  So, I place a big goal post coming up thru my dresser, then I picture a duck in MY bed for the next number, which is 2.  Then, I just go around my memory palace in order placing each corresponding number, with its related picture.  Then to recall the number, I just walk back thru my memory palace in order and you will be surprised how easily the pictures will jump into your head prompting you to recall the sequence of letters and numbers.  You may start off a little slow at first, but you will be amazed how quickly this works with just a little practice. 

My friend and myself like to challenge each other to see who can memorize the most serial numbers.  It will really motivate you when you have a friend to challenge you.  He is really talented so it’s always fun and competitive.  He is the top counselor in Austin and his name is Russell Kauitzsch.  Check him out if you or any loved ones could use a great therapist.