Memorize Numbers Easily

Today, let’s impress your friends at parties by memorizing the serial number on their money.  I’m not saying you should make a bet with them that you can do it, but by the end of this article you will want to and yes, the bet is you get to keep the money!  

The first secret is to assign numbers to a correlating picture that is instantly associated with you and the number.  For instance, 1-20:

1.   Pencil                                                      11.  Goal Post

2.   Duck                                                        12.  Eggs

3.  Stool                                                         13.  Witch

4.  Car                                                            14.  Ring

5.  Star                                                           15.  Quinceanera

6.  Dead                                                        16.  Candy

7.  Four Leaf Clover                                   17.  Magazine

8.  Clint Dempsey                                       18.  Golf Clubs

9.  Cat                                                            19.  Beer

10.  Bowling Ball                                         20.  Fingers & Toes


Now, this is my list for numbers 1-20 because I can instantly associate the numbers with my pictures in my head.  You may be able to recognize some of the correlations.  For example, a cat has 9 lives.  A 14 carat ring.  There are 18 holes in golf.  And, there is a lot of drinking done at “the 19th hole” at the golf course. You will need to create your own list.  You can use some of the same correlations as long as you can instantly recognize the numbers in your mind.

Once the number list is complete.  Do the same thing with 26 letters in the alphabet:  A = Apple, B = Bee, D = Dog, Z = Zebra.  You get the idea.  Once you have your list for the alphabet done, you will need to memorize a map of your house.

Basically, mentally stand in the doorway of each room in your house and memorize 5 items in that particular room from left to right.  For instance, a desk, a table, a dresser, a bed and an armoire.  Once you have committed these 3 separate lists to memory, you will be amazed at how easy your mind can store and recall a sequence of numbers, like serial numbers on bills.  We call this house list the memory palace.  It’s in this palace you can store everything!  Now, let’s put this into action.

Let’s memorize a serial number on a dollar bill:  IH 1182916 G

First, go to your alphabet list. “I” for me is igloo and “H” for me is Hat.  So, in my mind, I place an igloo on the first item in my memory palace which is my desk, then a place a big hat on the table.  Then, the next thing to memorize is “11.”  So, I place a big goal post coming up thru my dresser, then I picture a duck in MY bed for the next number, which is 2.  Then, I just go around my memory palace in order placing each corresponding number, with its related picture.  Then to recall the number, I just walk back thru my memory palace in order and you will be surprised how easily the pictures will jump into your head prompting you to recall the sequence of letters and numbers.  You may start off a little slow at first, but you will be amazed how quickly this works with just a little practice. 

My friend and myself like to challenge each other to see who can memorize the most serial numbers.  It will really motivate you when you have a friend to challenge you.  He is really talented so it’s always fun and competitive.  He is the top counselor in Austin and his name is Russell Kauitzsch.  Check him out if you or any loved ones could use a great therapist.   

How to Memorize a Deck of Cards

The best memory gurus can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than a minute.  Pretty amazing feat right?  Well, let’s take a closer look on how they can do such an incredible display of memory in a short amount of time.  Although, you may not find any practical purposes for such a thing.  But, you could probably win a lot off bets in bars and never have to buy yourself another drink! Ok, let’s get started… 

There are 52 cards in a deck.  The first thing to do is to convert those cards into 52 celebrities.  I recommend using celebrities in this first step as the human mind tends to ignore the mundane and it has a tendency to remember the unusual, gross or even in sexual escapades.  So, if you chose the Queen of Hearts as your own mother…  You do so at your own pearl! Lol. You would be much better off with your celebrity crush for the Queen of Hearts, for example.  You will understand why when it comes time to link all these cards (people) together in unusual, gross or in a sexual way.  Let’s leave our mothers out of this.  Trust me! 

Now, to break the 52 celebrities down further and make it easier for us…  Let’s break down the 4 different suits off the cards.  Hearts – obviously chose people you love.  Clubs – I would choose the party types (Charlie Sheen).  For Diamonds, you can choose the wealthy types (Donald Trump and Oprah).  Spades, you can go with funny celebrities (Kevin Hart and Tina Fey).  You really could categorize them however you want a long as it’s easily recalled by you.  For example, you could devote a suit to sports figures.  If Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs is someone you love; he would be the 2 of hearts as his jersey is number 2.  Same thing for the female side.  Hope Solo is the US Women’s soccer goalkeeper and her jersey is number 1; make her your 1 of hearts.  You get the concept.  The idea is to make them all instantly related to your own specific list in your head.  Do the same thing with each suit of cards for each category you chose.  This really should only take about an hour to assign a famous person to each of the 52 plying cards.  Remember, it can be a famous person from history as well.  It’s totally whatever works for you as there is no right or wrong way to assign your list.  No two people will create the same lists nor should you try to memorize someone else’s list because that wasn’t created by your mind and your experiences.

Once you have your 52 cards assigned to your famous person list, we will begin to learn how to be able to apply this method in memorizing a shuffled deck of 52 cards in the exact order.  However, you need to have your 52 cards available to you for instant recall before you go any further.  For instance, if I see the king and queen of diamonds…  I instantly know for my list that is The Donald and Oprah.  Make sure you have 52 cards down instantly.  Practice with flipping over a deck of cards until you get to instant recall and assignment.  With practice, you will be able to memorize a deck of cards, in random order, in the amount of time it takes to ride in your limo to your awards presentation for winning the US Memory Championship!   The next article we will be learning how to peg or link these cards with associations we already know.  After all, that’s what memory is all about.  Practice, practice, practice until next time.  

“Moonwalking With Einstein” by Joshua Foer

Ok, it’s book review time.  But, this isn’t your ordinary book… This is a book about a reporter who was given an assignment to report on the US Memory Championship.  And yes, there actually is such a championship, believe it or not.  The reporter was a guy named Joshua Foer.  (I highly recommend his book if you want to get some amazing insight into your own memory).  It’s a narrative nonfiction book where the author meets a memory expert named Ed Cook while he’s covering the events at the US Memory Championship.  Joshua gets so entrenched in this incredible memory journey where he is learning all the trips and techniques from Ed Cook.  Ed is a memory guru.  He gives speeches about memory, the historical context of memory and anything you can think of pertaining to memory. He trains people on how to improve their memory.  This is basically how he makes his living.  Well, he apparently is pretty damn good at it because he took Joshua, a reporter covering the event who never even knew this memory championship existed, and trained him to reach a point that within the next year… Joshua came back to the US Memory Championship, but not as a reporter this time, but as a contestant, where he went on to win the championship. 

So, don’t let the title of the book fool you.  There isn’t much about Michael Jackson or how to do the moonwalk.  But, if you want to learn how incredible the human mind is and the unbelievable feats you can perform with your memory, then this will be a great read and you will thank me for recommending this book to you.  You will learn all about the concept of a memory palace, where you will learn how to remember pretty much anything you want and be able to recall it instantly.  Memory is not something that can be improved by exercise or taking the right vitamins.  In this book, you will discover that memory is not a ‘thing.”  Memory exists in a fluid environment which can be called upon instantly as long as the proper set of circumstances have been created.  It’s very similar to using a pneumatic device used to help us remember the great lakes:  HOMES.  But, with these techniques you will learn in this book, you will be able to link anything you want to learn with things you already know and be able to recall that information instantly.  I don’t want to give too much away, but just wait until you read about how to memorize a 52 deck of random cards in order.  Amazing!

Memorize Your Gocery List!

OK, let’s start off by taking a look at where exactly did our memory go.  Kids are not being taught how to use their memory in school.  Hardly anyone uses their memory in the workplace.  Most people have trouble remembering a simple phone number or website from a commercial without using a pen and paper.  I guess the perfect example to demonstrate my point is a scene from the movie, ”Think Like a Man Too.”  If you will remember, after wild night partying in Las Vegas, both the bachelor and bachelorette parties ended up in jail for the night.  As customary, they each received their one phone call, but no one could remember a single phone number to call.  Everyone programed their close friends and families phone numbers in their speed dial list.  We are growing more and more attached to technology every day and very rarely are we relying on our brain and incredible memory we all possess to remember even simple things.  We as an American society should never let that happen.


Let’s examine how we can use our memory to memorize a simple grocery list.  Believe it or not, you can train your memory to memorize a grocery list from 5 items to 5000 items.  Your brain is physically capable right now to perform such functions.  And no, I’m not talking about taking NZT.  For those of you who don’t know what NZT is, it’s from the movie and now a TV series: “Limitless.” We are going to try and unlock some of the amazing powers of your brain without using a mythical drug with horrible side effects.


Why don’t we start out with just a simple grocery list?  But, you certainly can use this technique for memorizing anything.  The easiest way to remember something new is to attach it to something you already know.  There are so many different variations and possibilities, so free to experiment with what works best for you.  I am going to memorize a short grocery list and link it to something I already know, which is the current house I live in.  But first, a quick story about how I did this in high school that helped me pass some tests.  If I had to memorize things, I would stay in class and link the upcoming test items to everything that I saw in the classroom.  I would attach them to the back of the door, then the chalkboard, the clock on the wall, the teacher’s desk and so on.  I would create a comical storyline that made it extremely easy to memorize anything I needed to ace that test.  OK, grocery list time:


Captain Crunch cereal, milk, hamburger meat, cookies and cream ice cream, eggs, spinach, bacon, bottled water and tooth paste.


This might be difficult to understand because you can see the interior of my house, but basically I’m going to walk through my front door and imagine a storyline in mind, based on the furniture layout of my house.  The more outlandish and comical the storyline is, the easier it is to remember.  So here we go:  I walk in the front door and immediately to my right is a red chair, sitting in that chair is none other than Captain Crunch himself.  He is startled by me walking in the door and he jumps off the chair onto the white tile floor, but the white tile floor is actually a pool of milk.  The captain finally pulls himself out of the milk using the couch the because there is a big cow sleeping on the couch.  The cow wakes up and knocks over the glass display case which had hundreds of little figurines in the shape of cookies and cream.  The display case falls and hits the ceiling fan switch on the way down.  But, someone had placed eggs on top of the ceiling fan.  Now, the eggs are being thrown all over the room.  The only escape is into the kitchen.  The refrigerator is the first thing we see on the right, but somebody is trapped inside the refrigerator, pounding and trying to get out.  You open the refrigerator door and Popeye jumps out.  He looks to his right and he sees a pig dancing on the stove because the stovetop was left on and the pig is burning his feet. Next to the stove is a pantry where you keep the bottle water. You know you need bottle water to help the pig, but when you open the bottle you realize toothpaste comes out when you try to squeeze it.


You get the idea.  I literally just did that storyline in my head in less than a minute.  Every person is unique. The cow representing hamburger meat, Popeye meaning spinach and a dancing pig on top of the stove meant bacon to me. There is no right or wrong.  It’s whatever works for you!  You have a bigger list?  Use your entire house.  Use the outside your house.  Use your office.  Basically, use anything that you already know and link anything you want to that to memorize large amounts of information in order.


All right, the next articles going to be about how to memorize a deck of cards in the exact random order they are shown to you.  Yes, yes. This will impress your friends at parties!

Welcome to my new site!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to my new site which will be devoted to MEMORY. This site will be helpful in school, the workplace and just “getting thru this thing we call life.”  Sorry, had to make a small Prince tribute there.  We will be exploring many different memory techniques that will literally impress your friends at parties.  As you will see, think of memory like a muscle… The more you exercise that muscle, the better and stronger it will perform for you.  I only wish I knew about all this when I was in high school and college.  Life could have been so much easier.


Anyway, make sure you check back tomorrow for more information. Thanks.